Welcome to Awesome Paws Academy

Awesome Paws Academy was born in 2015, with a mission to help both dogs and owners overcome their anxiety and learn to live together in harmony. Denise Shirreffs, the founder of the Academy, is a certified dog trainer and behaviourist specialised in canine anxiety and aggression.

The Academy aims to educate dog owners on dog behaviour and how to have a healthy relationship with their pet. The group classes are educational, fun and full of information. From puppies, rescues, troublesome teenagers to adult dogs, there are classes available for all ages.

Meet Our Trainers

Denise Shirreffs

Denise is the founder and head trainer at Awesome Paws Academy. She started her journey as a dog trainer after one of her dogs suffered a traumatic experience.
As a psychiatric nurse, Denise recognised that her dog needed help, so she made a plan, reached out to trainers and behaviourists all over the world and studied everything she could get her hands on.
Like the saying goes “it takes a village to raise a child”, it also takes a team to help a dog with behavioural issues. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication, even for professionals. Denise found the support she needed and now she has dedicated her life to educate and help others.

Jill Thomson

Growing up working with dogs by my side whilst I cared for my other animals in Oban caravan and camping park, my love for them was instant.
My passion for dogs led to supervising a canine health centre and managing a dog activity and training centre. I had the pleasure of working with over six hundred dogs a month. I also completed Knowing Dogs 101 and 201 by the Dog Gurus.
Since the pandemic, I started dog walking and assisting Denise at Awesome Paws Academy. My knowledge about these amazing animals is always growing. I will be your dog’s teacher but I will also be your dog’s best friend :).


Hello! I am Shanice from Cove Aberdeen. 

In June 2022 I created SCR Virtual Assistant after working in the Oil & Gas industry for 12+ years. I love being creative, all things social media and speaking to people so becoming a Virtual Assistant was perfect for me. I don't let having a rare disability hold me back, if anything it encourages me to do more and help people in similar situations! In my spare time I love nothing more than being out with my Mini Schnauzer Fergie. I was absolutely delighted when Denise reached out to me, I am so excited to work with her and the team. I can't wait to start assisting Awesome Paws clients!