My dog pulls! My dog doesn’t listen to me! How do I socialise my puppy? Why is my dog reactive? Why is my dog doing that? So many questions! Dogs are as individual as we are and likewise there are many reasons for their behaviour.

I have started this blog in the hope of answering some of the many questions you have about your dogs. There is so much to discover about them,  our relationship with them, how they view the world, how you can understand what they are saying to us and much, much more.

My very first blog is about a common problem, dogs pulling on lead and how I helped Katy and Fin. If you’d like help with your dog contact me at [email protected]

Happy reading!
10/06/2023 General Walk this Way?
Taking our dogs for a walk is supposed to be fun, right? After all, they need exercise, and as much as we’d like...
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